Saturday, September 13, 2008

Common sense is not common

I was having a detailed discussion with a startup entrepreneur . He has a good model along with brilliant set of products and services . Now, these products and services had a deeper inter-relation and represents a particular category of business domain . This eventually makes him a niche owner . However , I observed, that the ownership of the niche was accidental rather than intentional. So , the entrepreneur completely unaware of the niche he has created , which had a larger market potential is averse towards scaling and better monetisation of the business .

To get a niche , and then focusing on the niche to scale the model to create better monetisation is the most common sense thing to do. However , most of the startup entrepreneur having used to 'do it myself ' attitude, sometimes stops his enterprise, to move into the next level growth. It's like those parents , who find it hard to loose themselves in the growth process of the child, and step back for sometime , that the child takes more responsibility.

Infact ,I created some opportunities for this startup entrepreneur, that he can move in the next level of growth . But his operational psyche is stopping him to take an strategic role , which can lead his enterprise in next levels of growth.

Common sense is really uncommon.

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